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You can directly invest in renewable real world assets with Assetblocks.

Assetblocks is build on Fantom and you can now invest in our Power 02 bond offering!

Our first blocks are live!


Assetblocks is offering bonds to finance our renewable energy assets. We call these powerblocks. The second issue Power 02 (PWR02) is now available to invest.

Our second bond offering

The second powerblocks offering is a EUR 4.999.900,- bond offering which will be offered in tranches under the name PWR02 (Power 02). These powerblocks are used to finance our renewable energy portfolio. The PWR02 bonds have a 3 year maturity and offer a 6.6% return per year (paid quarterly).

Upcoming offerings

Assetblocks has a pipeline of sustainable assets secured and ready to be financed. Additional features and assets such as battery storage, charging infrastructure, thermal energy or real estate will be offered at the assetblocks platform in a later stage. Consult our roadmap to get a better understanding of our goals.

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Launching first assets: powerblocks ✅

We start with offering a bond to finance our renewable energy portfolio. The bonds will be offered via the assetblocks platform.


Adding features to energyblocks ✅

We will add features to powerblocks such as the integration of a risk management and performance tool.


Creating liquidity in secondary markets

Assetblocks will develop tools that allows assetblock owners to offer their blocks for secondary trading. Assetblocks will also integrate our own proprietary risk-scoring engine to create transparent pricing features in secondary markets.


Launching new assetblocks types

New assetblocks categories such as battery storage, charging infrastructure, thermal energy or real estate will be added.


Keep growing and unlocking new value streams

Assetblocks will keep adding new features to its platform, unlocking new value streams and adding new assets. Assetblocks will also expand its services to other countries in the EU.