We create an open economy


We believe that anyone should be able to invest anywhere. This can only be achieved by creating an open economy that is available to everyone. Assetblocks is creating this open economy by dividing real assets into smaller parts (we call them blocks). With assetblocks anyone can own a piece of a real asset.

Assetblocks is focused on offering high-quality assets that generate long-term benefits such as wealth, income and a sustainable future. These assets can range from sustainable assets such as solar and wind-farms to industrial scale battery storage solutions and Real Estate.  With assetblocks, real world utilities will become available to everyone.


David van Ineveld

Democratization is the only way to create a transparent and equal economy for all participants. Everybody should be able to invest anywhere. Borderless and frictionless. Fractionalization is the future and assetblocks is making this possible. David has an entrepreneurial background in investing and developing various companies and is combining his knowledge to build assetblocks. David is also an investment educator via his YouTube channel and as a speaker at various events.

Meindert Jansberg

Radical innovation is needed to regain a durable future with prosperity for communities and its people. Meindert has a focus on renewable energy production and savings for more than a decade. Innovation offers the opportunity to unlock new uncaptured values in the energy field. And at the same time to open closed ecosystems to a broad audience. It is thrilling to contribute to these developments.

Marco Behling

As an engineer, Marco is passionate about innovation. As a person, Marco is passionately curious. No better sandbox than Assetblocks where we dig up the possibilities that asset tokenization provides for turning physical assets into digital ones. With his experience in energy, fintech and (digital) capital markets, Marco works on designing and implementing the bridge between the asset and the (energy) asset token. When not working on redistributing – digital – assets you can regularly find Marco – physically – in some concert hall or at some festival enjoying a good show.