Frequently Asked

What is Assetblocks?

Assetblocks are small parts of a real-world asset such as a solar- or wind farm or real estate. An assetblock represents a fraction of an asset. Assetblocks are certificates of shares that offer the assetblocks owners specific legal or economic rights.

What assets does Assetblocks offer?

Assetblocks is focused on offering real-world assets that generate cashflow. Examples of this are solar- and wind farms, battery storage and real estate. Assetblocks is initially offering energy assets with energyblocks. However, offering other assets such as real estate is part of our roadmap.

What problem does Assetblocks solve?

Many problems at the same time! First of all, we are democratizing assets by granting access to assets that are normally not available for smaller investors. By democratizing these assets, assetblocks is also creating liquidity in illiquid markets. Adding to that, assetblocks is creating a framework for borderless and frictionless investing. Everyone should be able to invest anywhere!

How can I buy an assetblock?

Create and complete your assetblocks account (KYC and bank details) on our platform. Review the terms, select the number of blocks you want to buy and pay with the available options. After the transaction has been completed the assetblocks will be transferred to your account.

Is assetblocks regulated?

No, assetblocks is not regulated and exempted by the Dutch Financial Authority (AFM). Each asset offering contains various investment documents such as an Investment memorandum and other important documents. You can find these documents at the project page in the assetblocks platform. Please review those documents carefully before purchasing assetblocks.

How do I receive my dividend?

Your dividend will be paid quarterly in EURO to your bank account.

Is assetblocks sustainable?

It’s our goal to be as sustainable as possible and keep improving our sustainability ratings. Assetblocks is currently in the process of an independent review from the RFU to obtain a sustainability rating. This sustainability rating is expected to be finished in Q1 2024.

Can I work at assetblocks?

We are always looking for talent to help us democratize the economy. Please have a look at our careers page for outstanding vacancies or send your resume and motivation to